Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Imitator

I thought you were a little imitator before but I had no idea! You are really imitating EVERYTHING! It is amazing what your brain is soaking up. It's true when they say that children are sponges. You imitate arm motions, silly faces, noises and pretty much everything else. We can tell you what something is one time and you remember. You still love to play in the bath and I recently bought you some new bath toys. In the pack was a sea horse, a blow fish, a whale, etc. You love these toys and know each one by name. You are also loving music more and more. Anytime you hear music you dance and you clap when the song ends (like whoever was singing did a good job). You still love books and puzzles. You are so good at your puzzles- you can put them together on your own in about a minute. Not too long ago you needed my help to fit each piece in. You are growing so fast! Also, when we tell you it's time to pray you will put your hands together. They don't stay together for long but it's a start. It is so sweet.

A little about our days: For the current school year I am working three days a week and staying home two. For the three days that I work you are going to MDO at Lakeside Baptist. Grammy picks you up at about 1:15 and takes you home for your nap. (You are such a good napper these days- your one nap a day is usually about 3 hrs.) On the days that I stay home here are some of the things we do: you have independent play time every day; you also have blanket time or room time on some days; you do puzzles; you have art time with paint or crayons and sometimes sidewalk chalk if the weather is nice; we listen to music and of course do lots of reading. We usually have errands to run too. Our days are very busy! On days that I am home I try to get some house work done and you love to help. Your two favorite things to help with are sweeping the kitchen floor and putting clothes either in the washer or the dryer. We have so much fun!

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