Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pre-Game Show

Football season has officially begun and we are ready! Daddy was encouraging you to play with your football this morning and you loved every minute of it. You can throw like a pro! Here you are as our little "future tiger":

You are continuing to do new things and you surprise us every day! You can now independently eat with your fork...the spoon is still a little hard for you. You say "gugu" for alligator and "kuku" for cookie or cracker. You are such a little imitator too! If we do something with our hands you immediately copy blowing a kiss or doing motions to a song. You can point to your eyes and belly for sure. Sometimes you get your nose and your mouth right too. You love to brush my hair with your baby brush. You think that is so fun! You still LOVE books! You are always going and picking out a book and you will bring it to Daddy or me and then situate yourself in our lap. It is so cute. This is such a fun age. I'm really loving it! You are 15 months today!

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  1. He is too cute for words and looks SO BIG now that Lawton is here! :)