Friday, June 5, 2009

First Birthday

My baby turned one year old today! I cannot believe that one year ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy. We were looking at your baby pictures today and remembering all the fun details of the day. I realized that I started blogging when you were 6 weeks old and I never really told your birth story. Here's the short version: On Wednesday, June 4 I went to my weekly doctor's appointment. You were due in exactly one week. My blood pressure was up and the doctor was worried about preclampsia. She felt that the best route was to induce so that we could get you out safely, otherwise she was going to put me on medicine and have me come back every other day to monitor my blood pressure. You were full term at that point so inducing was the best option. Grammy was at the doctor with me that day (thank goodness) so we went straight down to Labor and Delivery, I was hooked up and daddy was on his way to the hospital. Early the next morning, Thursday, June 5, I was given platocin to induce labor and you were on your way. I ate ice chips and popsicles all day (those were the best popsicles I ever had). I started feeling some contractions at about 11am and I was given an epidural. At about 4pm it was time for you to come and at 4:46 I saw your beautiful face.

Today was a fun day. We went to Cobb Lane to take your one year portraits and they turned out so cute. You are so precious. Grammy and Pops came over tonight for grilled out hamburgers and cupcakes. You opened your presents and LOVED being the center of attention.

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