Tuesday, May 5, 2009

11 Months

You are 11 months old today. WOW! You are such a big boy. Here are a few things about you:

--You love to open and close cabinet doors. You will do it over and over again.
--Whenever you hear music play (from one of your toys) you start to "dance". You move your body up and down. It is really cute!
--You love to play with ANYTHING that comes out of my purse. You are so fascinated by it all.
--You are starting to be more consistent with waving. You will wave "hi" but not "bye". I think because you don't like to see people go. :)
--You love to give kisses (sometimes). You open up your mouth and lean over to my mouth and give me a big slobbery one!
--Your favorite table food is banana. We cut it up for you in little bites and you eat it up so fast.
--Your favorite animals are dogs and ducks. You love when we "woof" like a dog or "quack" like a duck.
--You still love books which I am so excited about. You have a basket full of them and you will sit and pull them out, open them up and look at the pictures.
--You LOVE to laugh. If Daddy and I are talking and start to laugh you will start laughing too!

You are so much fun at this age. I can't believe that you will be a year old in exactly one month!

Arms Up!

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  1. I can't believe it either!! Boy time flys!
    What a doll!