Monday, March 2, 2009

Mommy Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

I am sad to say that you are sick again. Yesterday afternoon you became very irritable and I noticed some draining from your right ear. You had a hard time sleeping and then this morning when you woke up your eyes were red and puffy and gunky. I called the doctor as soon as they opened and they were able to see you at 8:00 this morning. I am very thankful for how easy it is to make appointments with Dr. Byars. By the time we got to the doctor I noticed that your left ear was draining as well. So the verdict is...a nasty infection that has gone to both ears as well as causing you to have pink eye in both eyes. So now we have ear drops and eye drops and you absolutely hate both! Jackson, I am so sorry that you keep getting sick. The doctor assured me that I am not doing anything wrong but you just seem to be more prone to sickness. I was thankful for this assurance because I do start to wonder. It breaks my heart to see you feeling so miserable. I am praying again for a quick recovery and asking God to show me what he wants to teach me through all of this. He reminds me that all things work for good and I know that He will be glorified through this time in your life.

So yesterday, before everything went downhill, you were walking around the room with your walker and you stopped in front of me and started waving and "talking" to me. It wasn't just a wave of the hand but more like a whole arm wave. You did this a few times and then we had so much fun waving back and forth at each other. You would take a few steps and then look back at me, and I would wave at you and then you would wave at me. It was so fun. I am pretty sure that these were meaningful waves and not just "I'm throwing my arms up" waves, which is pretty exciting. So all day long Daddy and I went around saying "hi" and waving our arms at you!

This picture was taken a couple of days ago. This is Daddy's idea of helping me with the laundry...throw the baby in the basket and take some pictures. But aren't you cute!!!

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  1. Oh yea! We can post comments now... I love your blog. It is so precious. Jackson will always know how loved he is!
    Thanks for going to lunch with us yesterday; it was fun!