Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This morning we saw the ENT. Dr. Woolley is very highly recommended and from what I am told he is the "best of the best." I was told that I should trust whatever he recommends because he knows ears better than anyone. I actually already knew this about him because I spent a little bit of time with him during my internship at Children's Hospital. I heard others at the hospital speak highly of him and I was actually able to observe one of his surgeries during my time there. I feel fairly familiar with him and very confident in him. He did recommend that you get tubes and you are scheduled for March 4.

Without going into detail, I did not enjoy my internship at Children's Hospital. During the 5 months that I was there I often wondered why God had put me there and why it had turned out to be so miserable. I know that God always has a plan and since my internship God has shown me two different reasons why he had me there. And now, three years later, I am still seeing God work through that internship as he is showing me reason number three. Once again I find myself thankful for the experience and the time that I spent there. I know for a fact that without having the Children's Hospital background, without seeing the behind the scenes, and without knowing a little more about Dr. Woolley than the average person I would be much more anxious about this surgery. God has faithfully given me a peace and a reminder that once again you are in his hands...and who knew that three years ago God was preparing me for this moment. God is good.

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