Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Daddy's new nickname for you is "Scooter". You have really learned how to get around by scooting. It's not quite a crawl but almost. Every time you are on your belly you get up on your hands and knees and you can move a tiny bit, but that isn't good enough for you. You resort to scooting to get where you want to go.

You are also pulling up to standing A LOT! You pull up on daddy and me. You pull up on your crib, on the couch, and whatever else might be around. Today during nap time I heard you up there squealing in delight. I peaked in on you and you were standing up in your crib even with the rail up! There's no stopping you. You were so proud of yourself. Somehow you got yourself back down and eventually went to sleep...an hour past your usual nap time.
You still seem to be teething. You haven't had any more teeth break through but you continue to gnaw on everything! You have learned how to pull your mat up and you even gnaw on it!

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