Friday, December 5, 2008

Six Months

Six months ago today I was laying in a hospital bed with daddy by my side awaiting your arrival. I can't believe it has been six months. We have already been through so many ups and downs that I'm sure the next six months will be just as bumpy. But I am figuring out that that is how it's supposed to be. No road is perfectly smooth without rocks, bumps, hills, etc. We don't know what each day will hold for you or for us. You continue to surprise us, entertain us, and keep up on our toes! I have loved every minute of it.

Today, you showed me how you could scoot around the floor on your belly. You little monkey! So you roll onto your belly, you push up on your arms so that your chest is off the floor and you drag and pull yourself across the floor with your arms. It was so fun to watch you today for the first time. I get so excited when I see you do something new. You are really moving now! You love my cell phone so below is a picture of you "scooting" to my cell phone. I also finally got a picture of you asleep. Still precious...and yes, still sleeping on your belly.

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