Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Babble Yet

You have had quite a fussy week. You aren't napping very well. The longest you will nap is about an hour. You wake up fussing and you go down fussing. I could be wrong but I think you may be teething. You are very cranky and you can't keep your hands or your toys out of your mouth. You are constantly gnawing on something. I massaged your gums today and you really enjoyed chewing on my fingers. Sometimes you shout out like you are in pain or maybe you are just frustrated.

You will be 6 months on Friday and you are not yet babbling. The typical age when babies start to babble is between 4 and 6 months. You coo a lot, but no babble. I have heard some consonants like "agoo" or "baa" but no true babbling. You also don't make any raspberries. Of course, I may be a little overly concerned since I am an SLP but I wish you would start babbling soon. You seem so intent on developing your other milestones. I think you care more about creeping, crawling, and standing. You love to be on your tummy now but you get frustrated because you can't really move. You would love to crawl. You love to stand up with daddy or me holding you up but again you get frustrated that you can't walk or stand up on your own. You are a funny little boy! I know you will babble on your own time, but I hope it's soon!

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