Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long Time

It is harder than I thought to keep up with this blog. I know if I just did a sentence or two every day or so it would be easier. To catch up here's what's been going on: You had your four month check up and you are doing great- gaining weight well (15 lbs 5 1/2oz, 25 inches long), etc. Dr. Byars gave us the go ahead to start you on some rice cereal and introduce other baby foods slowly. At that time we still had you on medicine twice a day, 2 oz of alamentin formula with breast milk and I cut out all dairy products, but you were still having a hard time with your tummy. I decided to start a food diary and figured out that whenever I eat onions or anything made with onion powder your tummy hurts. Things got much better after we figured that out. On October 14 you ate your first rice cereal and loved it. You wanted more and I couldn't give it to you fast enough. What a good eater!

The past four nights you have woken up between 2:30 and 3:30 am. (For about a month now you have been sleeping until 6am or 6:30am and even 7am on some occasions.) It took us a few nights to realize that you are hungry and obviously going through a growth spurt. I hope this passes soon because we aren't getting much sleep! In the past week or so you have grown out of all your 3-6 month clothes and are now wearing 6-9 months and you are only 4 1/2 months old!

You are trying so hard to roll over. You can manuever yourself to your side but just can't seem to get all the way over yet. I think it will be soon! You did roll yourself over from your tummy to your back a couple of times before you were even one month old, but the doctor says that doesn't count! At that time we didn't realize you had reflux and your tummy must have really been hurting!

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