Friday, October 31, 2008


Your first ear infection...poor thing! I took you to the doctor today after a week of being up with you through the night. You used to be so easy at night. You would take your bottle and fall right to sleep. Now, you start fussing about 3/4 of the way through your bottle and by the time your finished you are screaming and you don't want to go to sleep. Holding you upright is the only way you will stop screaming. At first I thought it was your tummy bothering you but after burping and spitting up and pooping you were still screaming. The doctor confirmed today that you do have an ear infection in your right ear. It must be painful for you to do all that screaming!

You rolled over for the first time tonight. Even though you have an ear infection you were happy to play, so I put you on your tummy and snapped some pictures of you in your costume and over you went! And you are sooo cute in your're a little Auburn Tiger.

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